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The most calls I receive as a tutor occur when parents find out their children’s standardized test scores.  Typically upon receiving these scores, parents learn that their children’s reading comprehension score is not as high as they expected or would have liked.  Whereas students tend to practice math facts regularly, they do not tend to practice reading passages accompanied by multiple choice and/or short answers.  Practice can really be the answer to children developing better reading comprehension; increased skills naturally lead to higher scores.
At, parents and students can have free access to a variety of reading comprehension passages, follow-up questions, and answer keys.  The categories break down to:
Pre K/Kindergarten
I tend to use this site mostly for first through sixth graders.  In each category, there are three sub-categories: Informational, Seasonal, and Fictional.  Many times, I even supplement the reading comprehension passage with a visual.  For instance, I recently gave one of my fourth grade students the passage “Olympic Moments – Pair Skaters”.  I then found on YouTube the short program for both the Russian and Canadian teams.  I had my student decide who should have won the gold medal. 
There are many other passages available for a yearly fee, but there are plenty of free samples to choose from.  This site has gotten a bit difficult to navigate, so have patience because many of my students have seen huge jumps in both their comprehension and standardized test scores. 
****If you do not see improvement, the next step would be to add underlining and note taking while reading to help imprint the information into the brain. However, most of my students complain that they are not allowed to write in their test booklets during standardized testing****