Julie Recommends

Avery Binder Reinforcements

One of my priorities in teaching is to help students organize their folders. An efficient binder tends to have an efficient owner. One of the main problems that my students have is that their papers rip and either hang out of the folder or fall out. The papers can become so creased that they are barely readable. I recommend reinforcements as a way to establish a neat and orderly binder. Reinforcements are circular clear or white adhesives that fit right over the paper’s hole punches. One trick I have learned is to put the reinforcements on the front and back of the hole. Another possibility is to purchase reinforced filler paper, in which the holes are already protected with reinforced edges. This option, however, is more costly.

To purchase reinforcements, you can go to clear for clear adhesives or white for white.

To purchase reinforced paper, go to reinforced paper.