College & Beyond

College Interviews

Many students ask me if I think interviewing at a college is a critical part of the process. Although I know that other areas are weighted more heavily, I do advise my students to schedule an interview, particularly if the school is in a student’s top five.

My husband’s godfather used to be in charge of public relations for many of the old-time stars. He reiterated that anytime a positive review is placed in one’s files, it can only help! I have remembered those words.

If a student has a great interview and expresses interest in the school, then that student has another positive piece of information that gets placed in his or her file. I do know that certain colleges have offered highly qualified students a place in SPRING, rather than the fall. I believe that a potential reason for the delayed acceptance is because that student did not sign up for an interview, thereby indicating that the college may not have been a first choice.