Grade School

Descriptive Writing

Many teachers tell their students to be more descriptive in their writing. How can a student translate these words into a more developed piece of work? Well, descriptive writing really involves delving into a subject, using every sense to describe an object. I purposely created this assignment about my students’ shoes to let them write about an object they are familiar with (most of them wear the same pair of shoes constantly).


“Your assignment is to describe your favorite pair of shoes. First, I want to know how the shoe appears: color, size, pattern, etc. Then I want to know why it’s your favorite pair. Does it keep you warm during a rainstorm? Do you run faster in that particular pair? Did someone special give the shoes to you? I want detailed descriptions and active verbs!”

I worked with the students to be specific. For instance, one student said his shoes are crimson versus red. Crimson is a deep, rich red color inclining to purple, which says just a bit more than “red.”

The students were also told that another student was going to receive the writing and then had to draw the shoes based on the descriptions.

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