Julie Recommends

Dividers With Built-In Folders

My friends always tease me because I love to organize my organizer!  I am interested in finding systems of organization that work for each person. I think that success at school starts with the organization of one’s backpack and folders. Many of the kids complain that they don’t do well on their folder checks, or I notice that their dividers and papers are ripped and falling out of their binders. Also, so many times, students just stuff their returned tests and quizzes or homework assignments into their backpacks because the papers are not hole-punched, or they are in a rush to get to their next class.
I advise buying the brightly colored two-sided poly slant binder pockets with tabs by Caliber. First, they are strong and flexible, so they will not rip and fall out of the binder. Second, the front and back of the divider have pockets, where loose papers can be securely placed until they are hole-punched. Because the dividers are see through, some of my students will put an important assignment or calendar in the pocket as a constant reminder. I bought mine at CVS Pharmacy. They run approximately $3.99 per pack (5 dividers per pack).