Dolch Words

For children in pre-school and kindergarten, Dolch words should be a fixture in the household.

Dolch words are the most commonly used sight vocabulary (220 adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, verbs, conjunctions, and pronouns, as well as an additional 95 nouns founded by Edward William Dolch) found in children’s books. Most of these words cannot be learned visually by seeing a picture or by sounding them out because they are not easily decoded.

They can be printed out in groupings from the Mrs. Perkins Website.

You can also print the words larger, in flash card form on Lanternfish. Dolch word games add another dimension to learning.

To add yet another level to memorizing these words, a child can make his or her own flashcards (or Flashy Cards!) to practice writing the words as well as reading them.

Beginning readers with exposure to Dolch words will find the process of reading less daunting and more inviting due to the pre-exposure of key words. The Dolch word lists continue up through grade 3.