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Education Apps

Written by: Michelle Powers (first year law student)

If you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh computer, the realm of learning tools can expand much further. Hundreds of educational applications can be downloaded onto any of these devices with surprising ease. From flashcards to quiz generators to translators to whole F. Scott Fitzgerald novels (that can even be read to you) – these devices have educational applications that can surpass even the highest of expectations. And best of all, the majority of these applications are available at little to no cost to you (although I unfortunately can’t say the same about the actual devices).

For instance, on my personal iPhone, I have applications that transcribe my voice notes (Dragon Dictation), offer hundreds of free audio books (Audiobooks), teach me all the constellations in the night sky (Starwalk, Stars, & Planets), provide a World Fact Book (The World Fact Book), an exam timer (ExamPacer), a game to learn all of the world’s countries’ flags (Flags Fun), free French lessons (FREE French Tutor), multiple dictionaries, translators, a world map (World Countries), Vocabulary Builders (Free Exam Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy®), a scientific calculator…and believe me the list goes on and on. While all these apps may seem overwhelming, once navigated they can open a plethora of learning opportunities.