Who is The Tutor Whisperer website for?
The site is intended primarily for parents who are looking for tips and strategies to help their children academically. However, it is also a resource for students who are searching for ways to heighten their learning experiences, as well as tutors, teachers, and administrators who are interested in alternative, innovative educational methods.

What is the best way to use this site?
The best way to use the site is to navigate to the area that best suits the educational level of the student in question and browse the tips and strategies for issues that may be of interest. To submit a question on a topic that you have questions about that isn’t currently covered on the site, use the form in the Contact section of the site or click here.

Can I hire The Tutor Whisperer for my child?
At this time, The Tutor Whisperer’s dance card is completely full! But the purpose of the website is to allow access to her expertise without having to be a client.

How can I get The Tutor Whisperer to lecture at my school?
The Tutor Whisperer is available for speaking engagements. Please contact office@ehi-pr.com with any requests.