High School

Generating Citations

When working on a Works Cited page or Bibliography, many of my students use EasyBib to help put their sources in the correct format. With this site, you can choose either to cite in MLA, APA, or the Chicago format. Again, MLA format is the one that is frequently required by instructors.

With EasyBib, you pick what source you are using, such as a book, journal, or online article, and then you proceed to fill in the information. When you have put in the author, title, city, publisher, date, etc., then you press the “Create Citation” button, and a formatted citation will appear that you can easily cut and paste to your Works Cited page!

I actually prefer to use NoodleBib Express. I like that you press the style that you want, such as MLA. Then you select a citation type, and questions keep being asked to make sure that you reference the source exactly as it should be. At the end, a citation is created.

As much as I love these sources, I must warn all students to make sure to follow your own school’s guidelines first. If you are left on your own to find the format, double check the results that you get from these free sites. Look at capitalization, commas, italics, and make sure that you agree with the computer. The human mind must be utilized in addition to all this great technology!!!