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Book Review of Hatchet by Haley Baravarian
4th grader

Hatchet is a story of a boy named Brian, who gets into a terrible plane crash on the way to see his father in Australia. He is the only person who survives the crash. The plane lands in the Canadian forest, and the only possession Brian has is the hatchet that his mom gave him before he left on his trip. Brian needs to learn how to live in the wild. Even though Brian is sure that he is going to get rescued right away, after a couple of weeks, he is not so sure of his future.

This is a thrilling book for anyone into surviving Mother Nature. This book is great for kids 8 and up who like suspense. Hatchet is a best selling book by Gary Paulsen. There are other novels about Brian called: Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Return, and Brian’s Hunt. We are lucky to have Hatchet and the other Brian books because they make reading adventurous.