Izzy & the Candy Palace

When a fluffy candy monster appears beside Izzy’s bed, he offers her the magnificent gift of candy—a ton of it. He intends to reward her kind deeds and constant thoughtfulness, but quickly, his gift becomes one big, sticky mess. He leaves candy in her room, then her house, and eventually blankets the entire city with treats, leading to disaster. Adults and officials strive to figure out how to clean up all the candy lining the town, sidewalks, and park grounds; however, their attempt fails . Izzy, younger than the adults and officials, is the only one to figure out an effective solution.

This creative, cheerful, and beautifully illustrated book supports a meaningful charity. When Izzy finds the solution to the candy-overload problem, readers realize that children have the ability to make a difference. This message mirrors the actions of young Isabel J., the nine-year-old author of this book. Isabel J. combined her love of writing with her desire to aid her surrounding community. Izzy and the Candy Palace sells for $18.99, and all proceeds get donated to The Kids Café Program of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. Each book sold supplies twenty-seven meals for impoverished children.

More information can be found at In addition to purchasing a book, there are other ways on this website to support The Kids Café Program. Donations can be made in the following amounts: $10 provides 30 meals; $25 provides 75 meals, and $100 provides 300 meals. Additionally, The Candy Palace program sponsors children’s writing competitions; the winner’s story is illustrated and published and, like Isabelle J.’s book, all profits go to charity.