Learning Projects

Many parents express that their young children, pre-school age or older, are interested in letters and/or numbers. I am asked by the parents whether they should work with their children or not. I believe that a love of learning can be instilled at a young age. Similarly, distaste for learning can also be introduced at a young age.

So, Parents, make the learning experience fun, visual, memorable, and not too long!!! Be patient with your child, and try to experience how he or she learns. I recommend not spending more than ½ hour working with your child on letters or numbers, unless the child is begging to continue.

My favorite activity to do with young children is to make an ABC or number book with pictures under each letter or number. Some children like to draw the pictures. Some color in their parents’ pictures. Others cut and paste pictures from the Internet. (Be careful not to look up images on Google or other search engines with your child. Sometimes, inappropriate pictures pop up for a word you would least expect to be “X-rated.” I have had this happen even with child blocks on. Either check the pictures first, or have a series of pictures already in a file that your child can cut and paste.) Typically, I let the children work on three letters at a time, so that they don’t get too tired out.

My daughter and I created this when she was three years old: ABC Book