Lowercase Letters

One of my peers commented to me the other day about how advanced young children are today. In kindergarten, we used to have nap time and watch the turtle move around the room. Now, there is so much more expected. My five-year-old is in school from 8:15 to after 3 p.m., and the day is filled with learning! Additionally, with the world of the Internet at our disposal, information is disseminated to us at a heightened level.

For preschoolers learning their lowercase letters, I have found a program that captures the process visually. At, children will see the lowercase letter, then watch as a giant pencil performs the correct strokes. To the right of the letter is a picture, such as an apple or a box, that starts with the same letter being drawn. You can click on the picture of the pencil to redraw, click on the ear to hear the sound of the letter, or click on the speaker icon to hear the name of the letter.

While most children are exposed to learning capital letters, they are not regularly shown how to form their lowercase ones. I particularly like how all the lowercase letters are written at the top of each page so that the child can notice which letters extend all the way to the top line and which “bump their head” on the dotted line. This program, in addition to the child practicing the formation of the letters on elementary lined paper, will lead to your child recognizing and writing all the letters! This website is particularly helpful in terms of readiness for kindergarten assessments.

To download elementary lined paper, please click on the PDF here:
Elementary Lined Paper