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Mac Shortcuts

Typing Special Characters
Written by: David Taylor

Do you lose points because you can’t type special characters on the computer? Is your handwriting too messy for your teacher to read? Can your teacher always tell where you placed the accent? These problems are a part of the past once you learn how to type accents, inverted punctuation, and more.

On Mac computers, you can add a special character in as little as two extra clicks! To type an accent, hold down the option key, press “E”, release the option key, and type the letter that you wish to have an accent placed over. For the ñ, just hold option, type “N”, release the option key, and type “N”. To create a dieresis over the u, hold the option key, press “U”, release the option key, and press u again.

Inverted punctuation is just as easy! For an upside down exclamation point, press the option key and press “1”. ¡Ay!

To create an upside down question mark, press and hold option, press and hold shift, and then press the question mark. ¿Wasn’t that a simple way to save yourself time and points?

Note: If you have a Windows PC, please go to to setup your computer.