Middle School

Marking Your Book

Marking up a book is a key to success in school. So many times, students read through a book and then later have trouble locating quotes, setting, symbols, or even just answering questions on a quiz or test. By writing some key notes to oneself on the top or side of the page, the student typically remembers where the information is. If not, he or she can look at the short, hand-written notes, rather than re-reading the entire book, attempting to search for the answers. Marking up one’s book actually alleviates a lot of frustration and saves a ton of time in the long term! This sample is from the book The Outsiders. One of my sixth graders has started marking up her book right from the start! She has excelled as a student and has already mastered the art of taking notes in her book. Notice her comments written both at the top and the side of the pages. By utilizing this technique at such a young age, she has already prepared herself as a student for both high school and college.