Meet Julie


Julie Firstenberg Kamins has been an academic tutor and an expert in tackling learning challenges for over twenty years. Her students range in grade levels from developmental kindergarten to graduate school, and she has been sought after in her hometown of Los Angeles for developing specialized, alternate programs for those struggling with standard teaching methods. She also works as a mentor and guide to college-bound students, coaching them through the maze of applications and essays and assisting them in choosing the learning environments that best suit their strengths and needs.

Julie approaches learning holistically, using her degrees in English, Sociology and Law to reach out to each child intuitively and psychologically while remaining focused on practical problem-solving and delivering results. She has written a children’s book about learning challenges called Why Am I at the Red Table?, which was a finalist in the National Best Books 2007 Awards, and she has been a featured panelist at the Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project’s Passport to Reading program. She has also been a regular contributor to


Growing up with a learning disability, Julie gave me motivation to push through the hardships I had to deal with during school. Learning a great amount of information in a short amount of time was very difficult for me. Being such a visual person, Julie provided me visual tools that I still use today with my design position. Writing and visual notes merged to help me with anything from essays to math equations. She taught me to be an excellent writer, which is so important for students in school. My attention to detail, whether writing an essay, or working on a project increased 10 fold with Julie’s help. I will never forget how privileged I was to have Julie as a tutor and am so grateful.

Alex BenBassat
Founder/Creative Director, ASafeDrive, LLC™

My Dear Julie,

You mean more to me than you’ll ever know. The gifts you gave me didn’t change who I was or what I was capable of doing, rather you showed me how to reach MY potential, one I never even knew was possible…Now, your teachings will benefit not only me, but all the children I will come across in my educational career. You are truly one of the most amazing people I could hope to know, and I love you along with your whole Kamins’ clan.

Lauren, graduate of the Rossier School of Education

Hi Julie,

Today my mom was talking to the person at Michigan who will help me next year with organization and other things. I then said to her, “I want to take Julie in my suitcase next year to Michigan”, and it made me realize how much I’m going to miss our weekly meetings and going to your house at 9 at night and coming home at midnight. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have put in to helping me. Whether it was just venting to you about how annoying my parents were or about something that happened in school, I knew I could talk to you about it and you would be there to listen. You helped me succeed in school and not only were you an amazing tutor, but also a reliable and comforting friend.

My writing skills have improved drastically since I’ve started working with you and you have given me the confidence to know that I can succeed in college on my own. You are the nicest and sweetest person I know. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Anyway, I’ll probably be sending you some papers next year for you to edit.

Love, Michelle

Hi Julie,

How are you? I got my Math test back today, and I got a 93%!! That review really helped. My base score was 88%, but I was able to get 5% extra credit because you taught me the rule regarding the difference in y over the difference in x for those data tables. Your explanations make so much sense to me!

Best, David


Guess what my overall grade in science is….
Okay, I hope you guessed because I have a 100.4%!!!

Thanks, Caroline

Where should I put the comma? What does passive mean? Why can’t this all be in one paragraph? How do I write a thesis? These questions became constant worries when a teacher assigned a paper, but really my biggest problem was, simply, I never learnt how to write an essay.

Entering ninth grade, not knowing how to organize my thoughts and put them on paper, became a growing issue. Even with all my effort and hard work, the results never impressed me. I quickly realized that I must learn how to write an essay, a necessity in high school.

The idea struck our minds; maybe Julie, who helped my brother through the strenuous college process, could teach me how to write an essay. We were right. And no one could have taught me better.

Her great patience and knowledge easily and quickly guided me through each and every step of essay writing. I now know where commas go, what words to avoid, how to organize my thoughts, and how to write a thesis. Writing an essay, once a burden, became painless.

In addition to essay writing, Julie taught me how to comprehend while I read. She showed me what I need to highlight in books and how to remember what I highlighted. She led me through the process of finding reliable sources and grasping the important information without reading six hundred pages.

Julie not only helps me reach my academic goals, but she also helps me pursue and fulfill my dreams. In the future, I hope to attend film school, but my current high school does not offer the appropriate classes I need for a future in film. Julie knew about my yearning to bring a filmmaking class to my high school and decided that we could.

One day, she sat me down in her office and insured me that if I worked hard enough the class would be a part of next year’s curriculum. Together we brainstormed and decided what to say to the school’s administration. We found the program, teacher, and raised the money to start the filmmaking class this coming school year.

With Julie’s inspiration, guidance, and mentoring, I reached many of my goals. What were once stretches have now been accomplished. Julie encouraged me to reach for the stars, and with her help, I touched the sky.

Everything Julie says, not only helps me with my schoolwork, but it also helps me succeed daily. Her words of wisdom always answer my questions, but her answers also provide the stepping-stones for achievements I am able to, now, reach on my own.