Grade School

Online Typing is a free online touch-typing program. This program can be practiced not only in English but also in the following languages:

* América Latina* Teclado Español* Brasil teclado* Portugal teclado* Clavier Français* Clavier Suisse* Clavier Belge* Deutsch Tastatur* Schweizer Tastatur* Skrive Veileder* Российская клавиатура* tastiera italiana* لوحة المفاتيح العربية* מקלדת בעברית* Το ελληνικό πληκτρολόγιο* Türk klavye* Български клавиатура* Svenskt tangentbord* Dansk tastatur* Suomen näppäimistö* Íslenska Lyklaborð* English QWERTY* English Dvorak* English Colemak

This is currently my favorite program because once you click on “Typing Tutorials,” you can choose a lesson. The first lesson is for beginners and teaches the letters “j” and “f.” The lessons get progressively harder, leading to full sentences. Some of the phrases in the advanced lessons are taken from sports, entertainment, and technology articles from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). While you practice, the computer keeps track of your words per minute (WPM) and makes a low-key sound when a mistake is made. I particularly like how the computer creates an image on the screen when you make an error. For instance, if you hit the wrong letter, a picture will appear of the right hand or left, showing the proper placement of the fingers.

What makes this program even more fun and educational is that there is a choice above Lesson 1 called “Practice Your Own Text.” Here, you can type in your own sentences or cut and paste from the Internet and then practice.

On this site, you can also take a test, which is scored, and play online games. Other fun typing games can be found at the site: Learning Games.

Games are a great way to build skills because the children have fun while they are learning. I particularly like the games “Cup Stacking” and “Typing Tidepool” on this website.