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Organization Pays Off

Organization Pays Off by Oscar Sarkes
6th grader

Before I changed my unorganized, ugly-looking binders to beautiful, immaculate, clean and organized folders, I had papers dangling, assignments falling out, and homework tearing apart. One week before my first day of 6th grade, I went to Staples on Wilshire to buy all my school supplies. I came home with a big heap of products, enough for 7th grade too. One item that I missed was a quality folder. After the first couple weeks of school, my binders were quite the mess. I had lost assignments already and had crumpled and torn papers loose in my backpack. Many Sundays ago, I worked with the amazing Julie to help my huge organization problem. She recommended dividers with pockets that were used to separate my many papers. We hole-punched them all and put them into the correct sections. In my science binder, we made the following choices for the sections: Current Homework, Past Homework, Notes, Lab Reports, Tests and Quizzes, and Blank Paper. In the front pockets, I now put papers that need to be hole-punched, major project guidelines, and assignment sheets. Every morning, I feel less stressed due to the fact that I know my homework is in the right place. Since then, I have never lost or failed to complete an assignment for a teacher and recommend this form of organization to anyone no matter how organized he or she is.