College & Beyond

Rolling Admissions

When I talk to seniors about applying to colleges, I direct them to apply to at least one school with rolling admissions. Those who apply to schools with rolling admissions will be given a decision within a few weeks of one’s application being completed. Knowing early on that you are accepted to college brings a sense of relief and hope. It is always best to get positive news first.

Those applications tend to be available at the beginning of the school year. By preparing an application to send by September or October, the student forces his or herself to complete a personal statement, organize an activity list or resume, and get teacher recommendations written. Although some of these items may get tweaked over time for other, future applications, the rolling admissions application forces a student to start the process during the summer and get ahead before all the pressures of senior year hit.

Some of my favorite schools that have rolling admissions are: University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Wisconsin, and University of Arizona.