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Speed Stacking

Speed Stacking by Oscar Sarkes
6th grader

Speed Stacking, also know as stacking, cup stacking, or sport stacking, is a small but widely spreading sport in which one will stack twelve specially designed cups in different sized pyramids in a very small amount of time. The sport increases hand-eye coordination and prevents arthritis. A real question I ask myself is if stacking is an academic activity or is purely recreational. I personally think cup stacking is an academic and a recreational sport because it requires both math and agility. While stacking, the stacker always need to know how many cups he or she has in one hand and needs to know the exact number of cups to stack down, which involves math. Speed stacking may also be recreational because it is a competitive game. I am always trying to break my personal record, and all of my friends and I try to beat each other’s times. Many may think stacking is not a sport, but I say that they obviously haven’t tried it. Cup stacking is a fun and active game, and I encourage everyone to try this amazing new sport.