Julie Recommends

Symmetry Game

I find that one of the hardest concepts for my students is symmetry. It takes a certain mind to process how an object folds so that one side is perfectly symmetrical with the other. I have looked long and hard for a symmetry game that brings clarity to this concept. I suggest the site:


Press START. The quiz will automatically begin; however, if you click “SHAPE FACTS” on the left, you can review the number of sides, corners, and lines of symmetry of several polygons.

Click on one of the ten shapes and then on the circular “FOLD” button to see the lines of symmetry. You will get a three-dimensional representation of the lines of symmetry and how they create folds. Notice that a square has four lines of symmetry, or four perfect folds, while a rectangle only has two. A parallelogram has four sides and four corners, but zero lines of symmetry. When you are ready to take the quiz, click on the red X in the right hand corner. The first question will appear. Try to guess how many lines of symmetry the object has!

If you guess correctly, you receive ten points, but if you get the answer wrong you lose five points. Once you get the answer wrong, the program will automatically fold the shape along its lines of symmetry to give you a hint. There are ten questions total.