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The Alex Rider Series

The Alex Rider Series
By: Jackson Collar
5th grader (Age 11)

One book series that got my class excited was the Alex Rider collection by Anthony Horowitz. I just finished book one called Stormbreaker.

When 14-year-old Alex Rider sees the police in his bedroom at 4:30 in the morning, he knows something is wrong. 30 seconds later, he is told that his uncle, Ian Rider, has been murdered. At the funeral, he finds himself talking with his uncle’s old boss, but there is something strange about him. Also, after the boss’s driver’s jacket falls off and he sees a pistol, he knows something bad is going to happen. When Alex is driven to the bank where his uncle worked, he finds out about a plan to stop a certain someone that will change his life forever.

One of the reasons why this book is so thrilling and I was attracted to it was that the setting is in England, and I am English. This book would be more of a boys’ book because there are spies, murder, and a lot of unexpected “gross” action and blood that would make the girls say, “Ehew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, gross why is that in a book for kids? I think I am going to puke!!!!!!!!!!! Boys, why do you like that stuff? Ehew!!!!!!!!!!!”

I finished the book in two days because the plot and detailed writing were so good. If you are choosing to read this book or a different book, read this one. It is great!!!! I can’t wait to read the next in the series, Point Blank. I will report back soon.