High School

Works Cited Page

It’s incredibly hard to remember whether a poem, movie title, or short story is italicized/underlined or in quotes. I love StudyGuide.org because it not only breaks down how to correctly cite every type of document in a Works Cited page, but because it also serves as a reminder for us to put the name of a poem or short story in quotes and to italicize/underline a film title.

1) When creating a Works Cited page in MLA format, begin on a separate page. The Works Cited Page is part of the numbered pages in your essay. For instance, if your writing stops on page 5, then the Works Cited page is page 6.

2) All entries should be alphabetized by the first letter of the citation. Some citations start with the last name of the author, while others start with the name of an article. You simply look at the first letter.

3) The first line of each entry is justified left, but the subsequent lines are indented.

4) *****All entries should be double spaced!!!****

5) Here is a list of citations; according to StudyGuide.org, these are samples used only as a resource for students to formulate their own Works Cited pages.

Download an Example PDF of a Works Cited page here.